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Things to do on Bonaire

There's a lot to see (above water)

Bonaire has everything you’d want in a Caribbean getaway: warm weather, crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life. But this tiny island is so much more than a diving destination.
Washikemba - Driving Tips Car Rental


Driving from downtown, through the city, we will enter the Washikemba area through the Lagoen Hill into the offroad sites. You will pass a lot of local farmers. Take beautiful pictures of the Blow hole.

You will be amazed how beautiful the nature is in the Washikemba area. There is also a famous Mansion located which we will pass by, which people say is a ghosthouse. Washikemba mansion is not inhabited, but beautifully restored. Washikemba mansion is furthermore known locally as the haunted house. The story goes that namely the mansion which is on a former plantation that ghosts roam. That would be the reason that the last inhabitants suddenly vled and left all belongings behind.

South Tour - Driving Tips - Car rental

South Tour

We will then take a route that will allow you to fully experience the beautiful scenery of our island. As we head south we’ll stop at the following sites: Salt flats , Slave Huts, Willems Toren Lighthouse and Sorobon Beach
Slagbaai - Driving Tips

Washington Slagbaai

Enjoy driving to the Washington Slagbaai National Park which is located in the northern end of Bonaire. It comprises of two former land plantations, Washington & Slagbaai, totaling just under 14,000 acres. These two plantations once supplied salt, charcoal, aloe extract, divi-divi pods, and goats for export to Curaçao and Europe. The Washington Plantation was secured in 1969, upon the death of the owner “Boy” Herrera. He negotiated with the government to take over the plantation upon his death with the condition that it was to remain undeveloped for the enjoyment of the people.

North Tour

Drive to the north side of our island. Explore the island with stops at the popular 1000 Steps, Goto Lake, Rincon, Cadushy Distillery or Magazina di Rei, Para Mira Rincon, Seru Largu.